Snow Report



yosemiteCalifornia's Eastern Sierra is a photographer's dream!  Snow-capped mountain peaks, Bodie Ghost Town, wildflowers, fall colors, interesting rock formations, waterfalls, and so much more!

California's Eastern Sierra is the most unique of western landscapes, a rugged land of enchanting beauty and contrasts.  The 14,000-foot peaks of the Sierra drop off into the valley and deserts below.  No other place in California encompasses more dramatic scenery.  Capture a snapshot or two of the remarkable beauty, vastness, and scenery of the region.  There is always something to take your breath away.

Ansel Adams is one of the most celebrated photographers of all times.  His images of Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra are familiar to millions.  He is a legendary photographer, a pioneer in the movement to preserve the wilderness and one of the first to promote photography as an art form.  Ansel Adam's photographs remain immensely popular.

Rainbow-FallsSome of the most popular places to photograph are Yosemite National Park with its magnificent waterfalls, meadows and rivers, Devils Postpile - natures perfect demonstration of fire and ice with its 100,000 year old basalt columns, Rainbow Falls a 101-foot waterfall that sends rainbow of color into the mist, Hot Creek Geological Site which is home to bubbling hot springs and fumaroles lined with colorful sulfur deposits and mosses, Bodie Ghost Town, the largest unrestored ghost town in the West and Mono Lake a ancient inland sea and odd shaped tufa towers.

The camera loves wildlife.  One of the most photographed is the California Black Bear.  Usually nocturnal, the Black Bear may be seen at any time, day or night.  Another very photographed animal is the Mule Deer and there are over 3,000 species of birds. Mammoth Lakes is a haven for a wide range of animal life.

Fall arrives and the summer tourists have departed and the aspen and cottonwood green hues are melting to yellow, to burnt orange and reds.  Mixed in are the deep greens of the pines, making it perfect for photographing the fall splendor.

Copy of Fall-VerticalThe Eastern Sierra is awe-inspiring.  Whether your camera prefers rugged landscapes, waterfalls, delicate flora or the majesty of wildlife, you will need plenty of film when you come to visit.  With the tool of photography, you can capture just a small snapshot of the remarkable beauty, vastness and dramatic scenery of this region.

Winter brings out photography opportunities that are quite unique and completely different from the rest of the seasons. There are so many unique scenes available from the newly fallen snow and frozen water that every nook and cranny Mother Nature creates becomes a work of art.

Night Mountain

You won't find another place in California that encompasses a more dramatic array of scenery than Mammoth Lakes. From snow covered mountain peaks to a fast running waterfall over an icy ledge, its no wonder that artists such as legendary photographer Ansel Adams have been capturing the Eastern Sierra for years.
To capture that magnificent winter photo have your camera ready.

You might just come across that rare moment of a northern flicker amid a tree's ice-covered branches or a fresh water stream frozen and sculpted in a thousand different shapes and sizes.

March 015Mammoth Lakes has many Galleries where you can pick out a stunning natural image that will please any photographer or nature lover in your life.