Snow Report



Are you ready to earn your turns? Are you an advanced or expert skier / rider? Do you have avalanche training, beacons, probes and shovels? If so, then Mammoth Lakes has some of the best and most easily accessible backcountry available. Mammoth Lakes is also blessed with deep winter snows and long cool springs, which helps preserve the mountain snowpack and provides some of the nicest backcountry conditions in the West. There is nothing quite like the untouched wilds for pure freedom, and Mammoth Lakes offers countless acres of freedom in the form of untracked powder. Backcountry skiing and snowboarding can be a safe and enjoyable way to experience clean air, pristine snow, and amazing sights. Discover the world beyond lift lines and groomed slopes.

Vertical height is the difference between hiking and climbing. Mountain climbing is ice faces, ridges, rocks crags, rock faces, and lakes, icefalls and glaciers. Rock climbers move into winter terrain to try their hand at snow or mixed climbing and winter mountaineering. The winter environment presents a whole new bag of sights and experiences. You also need many new skills and equipment to cope with the varying conditions.

Go Ice Climbing with Master Ice Climbing Guides in California's famed Lee Vining Canyon. Sierra Rock Climbing School offers full day private guided Ice Climbing and two day or four day Ice Climbing courses. Rock climbing instruction, lessons, courses and classes also available. Small group programs available for school groups, corporate groups, scout groups and other groups. Open year round. Please call for small group pricing toll free at 877-686-7625.

Weather in mountainous terrain is very unpredictable. In winter, storms are frequent and whiteouts are common year round. Mountaintops or summits because they attract clouds can be stormy, while the rest of the area is warm and sunny. Always be prepared!

Anywhere where snow accumulates on slopes may well be an avalanche risk, and as a backcountry skier, slopes where snow accumulates are just the sorts of places you're likely to be. Avalanches can occur anytime of the year. All skiers, boarders and mountaineers should learn to reconize signs of possible avalanche. All parties attempting a winter backcountry outing should be eperienced in winter mountaineering, avalanche forecasting and rescue. Obtain a current weather forecast before going out. Turn back if weather conditions deteriorate. Also check with the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center by calling 760-924-7746. There are things to consider before venturing out. Are you mentally and physically fit? Is your equipment in top-notch condition? Did you contact the Inyo National Forest office? If not, call them at 760-924-5500.