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Fishing and Stocking Reports for the Eastern Sierra   

Report Date: June 30, 2015 at 7:00am 

Fishing report June 30,2015 \ Lake Mary



Things remain warm midday in the Eastern Sierra with afternoon showers and thunderstorms starting later in the afternoon and temps cooling down into the evenings. Remember, if you're hot, the fish are hot. The best times to fish are in the AM and from about 3PM until dark. Be sure to seek shelter during thunder and lightning storms.

What's Working


Mammoth Lakes Basin: Conditions remain clear and cool. Use inflated crawlers, gulp eggs, garlic pinched crawlers, egg chunky cheese and blue foxes. For flies, try strip streamers, carey buggers, flash buggers and leeches. or dry: Mayflies, mosquitos and coachmans are working well.

San Joaquin: Run off has leveled and flows are nearly perfect on the San Joaquin. The conditions remain good and this area is currently the best dry fly fishing in the Sierra. With the flows coming down, a dry dropper or hopper dropper is going to work best unless you're fishing the deepest water. Smaller mayflies are working best in the deeper slower water, with bigger attractors and terrestrials working in the fast moving water.

Owens River below the Benton Crossing bridge to Crowley Lake (as always check regulations for Owens River): Eggs, worms and nightcrawlers are still working well. Blue Fox and Rapalas and Roosertails are working for lures. Use pheasant tails, hares ear, dark lords and copper john flies.

Check out today's Rick's Sport Center whiteboard (updated daily) for more water and more suggestions.


Ricks Fishing Report June 30, 2015

Water Levels

Water levels have leveled off in the Mammoth Lakes Basin lakes. Lake bottom vegetation has appeared in Twin Lakes and the shoreline has notably grown in Lake Mary; however, boats can still be launched. Changes in Lake George and Mamie remain the same, with little noticeable difference.

San Joaquin River: Flows are at 43cfs as of June 24, 2015. Fishing is still good in deper pools.


Mammoth Lakes Basin: June 30, 2015

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Lake Mary

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Lake George 

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Mamie Outlet

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Twin Lakes 

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Twin Lakes Outlet 

In addition to this fishing report with pictures of the Mammoth Lakes Basin, check out local shops  (Trout Fly,Rick’s and Kittredge), and the Crowley Lake Fish Camp cameras (, and the USGSand LADWP websites. 

The Sierra Nevada Range is the primary water source forthe state of California.  These mountainssupply over 60% of your water.  Abyproduct is that LA Department of Water and Power (LSDWP) provides real time waterlevels on their website.

Water levels for  Owens River,Crowley, Rock Creek, McGee Creek, Lee Vining Creek, Grant Lake, Rush Lake,Bishop.

 The US Geological Survey (USGS) site is pretty cool. Itshows GPS coordinates, altitude and the origination of water.  The origination of water is great inidentifying if a river depends on snowmelt or is spring fed.

Water levels for the East and West Walker, San Joaquin River and Hot Creek  

Trout Stocking

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Desert Springs 

This morning (June 30, 2015), the Desert Springs stocking truck was spotted emptying 4,000 lbs. of trophy trout into the Mammoth Lakes Basin, just in time for the 4th of July weekend! These monsters average seven pounds!

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Stocking at Twin Lakes

Fishing report June 30,2015 | Trophy Trout at Twin Lakes 

Desert Springs Trout Farm Stocking Schedule for the Mammoth Lakes Basin:

Week of Plant
June 30, 2015 - 4,000lbs of trophy trout
July 7, 2015 - 1,600lbs of mixed trout
July 24, 2015 - 1,600lbs of mixed trout
August 12, 2015 - 1,200lbs of trophy trout
August 26, 2015 - 1,200lbs of mixed trout

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife 2015 Fish Planting Schedule


Upcoming Events

July 4, 2015: Mono County Free Fishing Day. No fishing license is required in Mono County. Pack a picnic, grab a rod and hit one of the many lakes or rivers. It's a great way to give fishing a try. 


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