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Fishing and Stocking Reports for the Eastern Sierra   

Report Date: October 6, 2015 at 10:00am 


Mother Nature blessed us with fresh snow in the high country and a pleasant amount of rain on the eastside. Crowley is fishing well during clear weather periods and remember to use a streamer when you can. If you decide to fish the Upper Owens there is a good chance that you may land a migrating brown in one of the many bends in deeper water. The water levels in most of the streams are low, so look for deep pools and try a dry/dropper technique. Some bigger fish are starting to swim from lakes to streams for the fall spawn, so remember to tread lightly to keep from startling them.

What's Working 

Ricks Picks Sign 10/5/15

San Joaquin, Mammoth, Convict Creeks
Water is low, but fishing okay
Bait: Nightcrawlers, Eggs
Flies: Adams, Stimulators, Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, Hares Ear, Copper Johns.
Lures: Vibraz, Panther Martins, Cyclones, Mepps

Upper Owens River
Benton Crossing Downstream to Fish Monument- CLOSED
Benton Bridge Upstream- Barbless, 2 Fish 16" or smaller NO BAIT

Flies: Hoppers, Ants, Stimulators, Caddis, Blue Wing Olives, Purple Prince, Pheasant Tails, WD-40, Leeches, Hornbergs, Mini Muddlers, Beaded Mayfly, Zebras
Lures: Mepps, Vibrax, Small Rapalas, Panther Martins, Jake Stream Lures

Mammoth Lakes Basin
Bait: Egg scented Powerbait, Garlic Scented Gulp Baits, Sierra Gold, Inflated crawlers (scent is a key), Mice Tails, Powerworm
Flies: Strip Streamers, Leeches
Lures: Thomas Buoyant, 2-spoons, Little Cleo, Kastmasters
Trolling Leadcore or Flashers, Needlefish, Bouyants, Tas Devils, Krocs

Convict Lake
Bait: Inflated crawlers, Gulp Garlic, Powereggs, Red egg Powerbait
Lures: Kastmasters, Jakes, Cripplelure, Dare Devil
Trolling: Leadcore 4-6 colors, Tas Devils, Rapala, Rebels

Bait fishing season has ended
ONLY barbless hooks and artificial lures allowed
Possession limit: 2 fish in possession over 18"

Flies: Bobbers, Copper Tigers, Albinos, Dick Joes, Shaft Emergers, Drifters, Tigers, Zebras
Trolling: Flurocarbon Leaders, Tas Devils, Speedy Shiner, Rapals, Pins Minnow, Gold Stars
Strip: Full sink #6. Punk Perch, Perch Buggerm Hornbergs, Matakas, Ultimate Perch, Playmate Leeches, Ostrich Leeches, Hale Bop Leech Grey, Use a Midge or Small Leech Behind

Hot Creek
Please take care of any fish caught. They are under a lot of stress. Keep fish in the water.
Barbless - Zero Limit - Catch + Release only

Above: Brooks Baetis, Spunduns, Hatchmaster, Beatis Duns, Softhacklem Adams, Batwings, Beatis Emerger, Taks Emerger
In + Below: Brocks Beatis Nymph, WD-40, Jaspers AJA, Diamond Midge, Rojo Midge, Copper Johns, Princes, Franks Flash

Check out more details on Rick's Sport Center whiteboard when you arrive in town. For additional fishing reports for the Eastern Sierra, go to:

Water Conditions 

Lakes Basin: October 5, 2015

 Twin Lakes 10/5/15

Twin Lakes snow 10/5/15

Lake Mary Snow 10/5/15

Lake George 10/5/15
Mammoth Creek and Lakes Basin

Cooler temps are here and the fish are hungry! Try trolling for your best chances of landing a slab. Look for major drop offs during mid day fishing. And strip a Wooley Bugger when you get a chance.

Crowley Lake

There are major mood swings with how the fish have been cooperating especially with recent weather.But that should shift as things start to heat up again this weekend. Try fishing in water depths somewhere from 15-18ft.

Hot Creek

The fishing is still very technical. Use a short drift and if you know where the deeper pools are go there and fish those. Try your best to be as sneaky as possible when you approach the water.

Upper Owens River

Larger fish have been scene above the bridge. Fishing with either a hopper or stimulator seems to be the trick. Flow is steady and there are a handful of deep pools that are home to a great catch. Again the fish are easily scared at this spot so be slow and smooth with any movements.

San Joaquin River

Flows are down to 6cfs, so there are not many fishermen down there. Be sure to check the road conditions with the Welcome Center to make sure that you can still drive down there.


In addition to this fishing report with pictures of the Mammoth Lakes Basin, check out local shops  (Trout Fly, Rick’s and Kittredge), and the Crowley Lake Fish Camp cameras (, and the USGS and LADWP websites. 

The Sierra Nevada Range is the primary water source for the state of California.  These mountains supply over 60% of your water.  A byproduct is that LA Department of Water and Power (LSDWP) provides real time water levels on their website.

Water levels for  Owens River, Crowley, Rock Creek, McGee Creek, Lee Vining Creek, Grant Lake, Rush Lake, Bishop.

 The US Geological Survey (USGS) site is pretty cool. It shows GPS coordinates, altitude and the origination of water.  The origination of water is great in identifying if a river depends on snowmelt or is spring fed.

Water levels for the East and West Walker, San Joaquin River and Hot Creek  

Trout StockingTrout Stocking

Trout Stocking Occurred: September 27th
Lake George
Convict Lake
Lake Mamie
Lake Mary
Twin Lakes

For the complete list of 2015 stocking California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife 2015 Fish Planting Schedule  

Upcoming Events

September 7 - November 15: Ambush at the Lake

Convict Lake Fishing Derby with $6,000 in Resort Prizes and $2,000 Cash. DOn;t miss the Bonus Derby Weekend: October 30 - November 1, 2015

October 30 - November 1, 2015: Bonus Derby Weekend 


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