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Fishing and Stocking Reports for the Eastern Sierra   

Report Date: August 25, 2015 at 8:00am 


The temperatures this week will stay the mid 70s with the skies clearing up tonight. Expect it to be sunny all week. Fish early morning and late in the evening. Also, fish deep! Most fish in all areas lakes and streams are avoiding the heat so look for those pools in the streams or the deepest parts of the lake!

What's Working

Ricks Sporting Goods Fishing Report August 25, 2015 

San Joaquin, Mammoth, Convict Creeks
Bait: Nightcrawlers, Eggs
Flies: Adams, Blue Wing Olives, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, Hares Ear, Copper Johns
Lures: Nepps, Roostertails, Panther Martins, Cyclones, Jake Stream Lures.

Upper Owens River (below the Benton Bridge)
Bait: Eggs, Nightcrawlers
Flies: Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, Stimulators, Caddis Parachutes, Elk Hair Caddis, Blue Wing Olives Blue Duns, Mosquitos, San Juan Worms, Darklords, Prince Nymphs, Flash Back Nymphs, Copper Johns, Soft Hackles, Rubber Legs, or Small Streamers
Lures: Small Rapalas, Panther Martins, Jake Stream

Mammoth Lakes Basin
Bait: Egg scented Powerbait, Garlic Scented Gulp Baits, Sierra Gold, Inflated, Nightcrawlers (scent is a key)
Flies: Leeches, Strip - Wooly Buggers, Doc Twin Lakes Specials, Adams Stimulators, Humpys- Fly + Bubble
Lures: Thomas Buoyant, Phoebe, Johnson's Super Duper 2-spoons and Blue Foxes; Cyclones
Trolling (best way to catch fish right now): Leadcore 4-5 colors, Needlefish Strikers, Tasmanian Devils, Bouyants, Little Cleo's, Strikers or Flashers with Nightcrawlers

Bait fishing season has ended
ONLY barbless hooks and artificial lures allowed
Possession limit: 2 fish in possession over 18"
Flies: Bobbers, Mickeys, Shafter Emerger, Black Barron, Drifters, Crystal Tiger Olv/Blk, Tiger Midge, Gillie's Loves Asassin Dark, Stevie Wonders, Zebras. Copper is a Key!
Lures: Kastmaster, Phoebe, Thomas Bouyants, Kroc's, Jakes, 2-spoons
Strip: Leeches, Punk Perch, Hornbergs, Matakas, Flash Buggers, Ultimate Perch- Rj's Specials Dark

Water Conditions 

Mammoth Creek and Lakes Basin Similar to last week. Seeing a bit more vegetation.

Crowley Lake New fishing regulations are in effect. See details in 'What Working' section. Water level is a little higher and the algae is beginning to bloom now. Look from Sandy Point towards the north end along the weed lines. Larger fish are now keying on perch fry.

Hot Creek The water levels are down and the weeds are heavy, but the fishing is excellent.

Upper Owens River The best moving water in the area! Try using a hopper and a dropper.

San Joaquin River Water levels have dropped to 10 cfs and the fishing is fair due to shallow water. There are no more deep pools. Time to move on to better waters this season.


Lakes Basin: August 25, 2015

 Twin Lakes August 25, 1025

Twin Lakes Outlet August 25, 2015

Upper Twin Lakes August 25, 2015

Lake Maime August 25, 2015

Lake Maime Outlet August 25, 2015

Lake Mary August 25, 2015

Lake Mary August 25, 2015 

In addition to this fishing report with pictures of the Mammoth Lakes Basin, check out local shops  (Trout Fly,Rick’s and Kittredge), and the Crowley Lake Fish Camp cameras (, and the USGSand LADWP websites. 

The Sierra Nevada Range is the primary water source forthe state of California.  These mountainssupply over 60% of your water.  Abyproduct is that LA Department of Water and Power (LSDWP) provides real time waterlevels on their website.

Water levels for  Owens River,Crowley, Rock Creek, McGee Creek, Lee Vining Creek, Grant Lake, Rush Lake,Bishop.

 The US Geological Survey (USGS) site is pretty cool. Itshows GPS coordinates, altitude and the origination of water.  The origination of water is great inidentifying if a river depends on snowmelt or is spring fed.

Water levels for the East and West Walker, San Joaquin River and Hot Creek  

Trout Stocking

 Trout Stocking will take place in the following:

  • August 25: Mammoth Lakes Basin 1,200 of mixed trout

For the complete list of 2015 stocking California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife 2015 Fish Planting Schedule  

Upcoming Events

August 22, 2015: Crowley Lake Stillwater Classic. Fly fishing fundraiser event at Crowley Lake:

September 5: Mono County Free Fishing Day
Come and fish for FREE in Mono County! All regulations still apply and Report Cards are required -- but Fishing Licences are waived on this day. For more information on Mono County fishing regulations, contact the California Department of Fish & Game at 760-934-2664

September 7 - November 15: Ambush at the Lake
Convict Lake Fishing Derby with $6,000 in Resort Prizes and $2,000 Cash. DOn;t miss the Bonus Derby Weekend: October 30 - November 1, 2015


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