Fishing and Stocking Reports for the Eastern Sierra


Report Date: June 17, 2016   


What's Working


Bait - Power Eggs, Garlic Powerbait, Chunky Cheese, Rainbow Candy, Inflated Crawlers
Lures - Bouyants, Cyclones, Blue Foxes, Small Taz DevilsFlies
Flies -  Streamers, Carey Buggers, Flash Buggers, Leeches


Bait - Inflatedted Crawlers, Alive Eggs, Sierra Gold, Rainbow Candy, Inflated Crawlers
Lures - Kastmaster, Bouyants, Sprinters, Up Rippers, Mice Tails, Powerworms
Flies - Strip Streamers
Trolling - Leadcore 5-7 Colors, Rapalas, Mirashads, Strikers, Flat Fish


Bait - Alive Egg, Inflated Nightcrawlers, Power Eggs, Gulp Eggs, Garlic Chunky Cheese
Trolling - Leadcore 3-5 Colors, Taz Devils, Needlefish, Speedy Shiners, Mirashads, Serpent Spoons or Flashers - Nightcrawlers
Flies - Bobbers, Albino Barrons, Copper Tigers, Sam's Blood Midge, Dick Joes, White/Gold Lightning, Shaft Emerger, Chan's Bombers


Flies - BH, San Juan Worms, Hares Ear, Purple Princes, Live Eggs, Flash Eggs, Swing, Leeches, Conehead
Lures - Rapalas, Pins Minnows, Mirashads, Blue Foxes, Jakes Spin, Thunder Bugs

HOT CREEK - Barbless Catch + Release - Zero Limit - NO BAIT

Above - Beatis Sprouts, Wingers, Beatis CDC Duns, Adams Parachutes, Batwings, Snowballs, Hacklestackers
In + Below - Brook Beatis Emergers, RS2, Taks Emerger, Htaching Emerger, Dry Emergers, Jacks Emergers, WD-40s, Beatis Nymphs, SplitCase BWO, San Juan Worm, BTS Nymph, Barrs Wet Emerger, Pheasant Tails, Sluds Princes, Jaspers AJA's Franks Flash


Bait - Eggs, Worms, Mealworms
Lures - Panther Martins, Roostertails, Blue Foxes
Water Conditions 


Trout Stocking

Mammoth Lakes, Mono County and the DFW all contribute to stocking the area

Stocking: 6/12 - 6/19

Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes

Lake Mary

Lake Mamie

Lake George 

Mammoth Creek

Convict Lake

Convict Creek

McGee Creek


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